Vietnam Aesthetics

Ken Burns "The Vietnam War" is fantastic, if exceptionally bleak, but I was thinking about how good the visuals, aesthetics, and literal landscape background of Vietnam are as a narrative driver towards any story or document about the Vietnam war. The intensity, and texture of the landscape allows for an abundance of narrative depths and visual immediacy to any story in, around, or about the Vietnam war. 



The country itself is an beautiful. Jungled mountains, tropical agricultural lowlands, and forrested highlands cut by rivers and streams, with a continually warm and rainy temperature that lends a constant, wet green. 

Narratively, the aesthetics of the country itself have made Vietnam a hyper-tactile, and very visually apparent conflict. I'm talking solely in the sense of the visual shorthand of what wars/conflicts "look" like, and, how much of it you would need to see to understand a narrative around it. World War 2 has maybe too much, it's too spread out, it was in black and white, and the camera technology wasn't good or fast enough to differentiate. 

But in these photos, you know exactly where this is, don't you? You can pinpoint exactly where it is, and what is going on, right?